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Glendale Yearound Committees

​Glendale Yearound has multiple Volunteer Committees that are responsible for providing the extra services for our community.

Sandy Stoykovich and Anita Albert have been doing a great job running the Recreation Committee for the past few years. They not only setup Adult events, but also multiple Kids events throughout the warm weather months.

They are always looking for help and would love to have some volunteers, especially with the Kids events.

Understand that as a volunteer, you don’t have to work EVERY event. If you could just participate in 1 event a year that would be awesome.


These events are a great way for our residents to come together and get to know each other. 


Please Volunteer.

Each year on Memorial Weekend a fishing derby occurs for the children in Glendale Yearound. This event has always been a popular one with around 100 kids participating.

Fishing Derby

** Each Committee is always looking for volunteers. Even if it is for only one event or activity, any help is greatly appreciated!

*** If you have any ideas for something new for us to plan, let us know!

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